Female Intermediate Teams Leaderboard

NameZ PtsRankEvent 1 : Michael’s Secret Stuff ScoreEvent 2 : Rock the Cradle ScoreEvent 3a : Tune Squad ScoreEvent 3b: Monstars Score
The PowerPump Girls343.3410:15:565676752120
Good but Not Elite318.2720:19:166016112385
Bburg Beast Mode301.4330:22:374256792305
Can We Pet Your Dog289.3440:19:375695652585
CrossFit Zapped 1242.2150:26:454396532175
Daddy Gang189.0460:22:494315832090
Team CFPC117.1170:29:163316101925
French Fries and Thick Thighs77.7980:28:192075991805
My Coach Made Me Do It62.8190:33:532146051795